DXT Startup Challenge 設計 X 科技初創公司挑戰賽 2020 | Hong Kong Designer Association


【 矽谷之旅,不再是夢! DXT 初創挑戰賽,火速接受報名!】

以為是普通的 Startup Challenge?無咁簡單!

DXT Startup Challenge 特別為設計 X 科技初創公司而設,當中包括企業家計劃、選拔比賽及任務之旅,藉此希望加強本地設計師與科技初創企業之間的交流,甚至鼓勵共同發展業務,將看似不可能的概念商業化!

截止日期為 6月30號!報名之前記得睇埋下面個申請須知 



💡申請者必須為香港永久性居民 (即其香港身份證須有三粒星);如以公司為申請單位,必須為本地註冊設計公司及(或) 設計應用企業

💡透過 DXT 配對平台而成功配對,或由香港設計師協會及香港科技園公司推薦的團隊,將會獲優先考慮

🌟仲有咩咁正? 🌟

⭕一個為期 3 個月的免費企業家計劃,並由來自矽谷的專家擔任導師




【A trip to Silicon Valley it’s’ never a dream! All in DXT Startup Challenge!】

Here you thought it’s just a typical Startup Challenge? Not at all!

Be surprised because this is a program tailor-made for Design x Technology (DXT) startups! Through the Entrepreneur Mentorship Program, Pitching Contest, and Mission Tours, we intend to encourage local designers and tech startups to co-create ideas – realizing vivid imagination into a profitable business!

Application opens Now till June 30! Take a quick look at the requirements before applying 🌟

🌟Application Requirements🌟

💡Registrants must be local designers, technology companies or design applying enterprises

💡For applying individuals or companies, they must be permanent Hong Kong residents (i.e. holders of Hong Kong 3-star ID card); or locally registered design companies and (or) design-applying enterprises

💡Priority will be accorded to successfully matched pairs from the DXT Matching Platform and referred by Hong Kong Designers Association and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation

🌟What will you benefit from it? 🌟

⭕A Free 3-month Entrepreneur Mentorship Program, which is led by experts from Silicon Valley

⭕Opportunities to pitch your ideas to an expert team and investor that help pave and extend your businesses beyond HK, even to the Mainland and The US

⭕Selected teams will be able to showcase their ideas to the world

What’re you waiting for? Apply now before it’s too late!


DXT Startup Challenge 2020 : https://www.hkda.hk/dxt

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